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Hometown, a fascinating place. For thousands of years Cigarettes Online, many literati and writers have shown lofty aspirations here. Now, when I am in a foreign country, I can't help recalling the sky in my hometown. It is so clear, like a mirror, that it reflects the light of all things. Golden? In rapeseed fields, when summer comes, it is golden. The clumps of rape blossoms rush to open. Although there are no colorful colors, it is also magnificent. You see, the golden flowers are blooming on the head of a jasper-like vegetable stem, and when you look at it, it is a piece of golden, like a yellow blanket, and like broken gold on the ground. When the wind blew, the waves turned, and the rapeseed at this time was not broken gold or a blanket, but the golden waves. The waves were tumbling, and the momentum of the waves after the Yangtze River pushed forward. When you walk in and take a closer look, the flowers are so small and exquisite, and the four petals are close together, forming a bright smile. There are yellow flower stamens between the petals. Touch it with your hands, it is soft, I don't know that my hand has been stained with yellow pollen. The wind is blowing, and the floral fragrance has hit you. Smell it hard, the faint scent is already rippling in your nose, refreshing. Light blue? By the river, there are the green grass, various flowers, and of course the tall trees. In my memory, the water of the small river is always light blue. You haven't come to the small river, the small river is already in front of your eyes, like a soft blue silk ribbon. When I reached the river, I looked into the water. Oh, the blue ribbon disappeared and became a piece of blue jade. Sparkling on the river, from time to time, there are little fishes gently tapping the water, and the waves will go round and round. The blue of the river will make you dare not look straight at it. This is clearly an artwork that has been dyed by the artist over and over again! The sunlight refracted, leaving her tender touch on the river, and the river accepted it, quietly adding a touch of gold to the face. Harvest joy Every autumn, in the fields, orchards are filled with a joy of harvest, and people are busy everywhere. As for me, I always follow behind my grandparents, pick up all kinds of fun things in the field Newport Cigarettes, and eat a few delicious fruits. You see, people are sweating like rain Online Cigarettes, holding up the tools in their hands, harvesting the fruits of labor. Although the body was soaked with sweat, there was still a happy smile on his face. The field and the golden color of summer are no longer there, leaving only dark black rapeseed and people's happy faces. I always stare at my grandpa with a whip and smash the rapeseed one by one. The whip fluttered and circled in the air, making me dazzled. Occasionally, Grandpa would stop and rest for a while, this is the happiest time for me, because Grandpa always gives me a few delicious things to sit among the flowers, my thoughts go out of my mind, and the flower shadows unknowingly . Homesickness ripples and overflows in my heart
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